Thursday, March 15, 2012

REVIEW: Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters

Title: Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters

Author: Meredith Zeitlin

Publisher: G Putnam's Sons

Year: 2012

Challenge 2012 Debut Author Challenge

Kelsey Finkelstein is fourteen and FRUSTRATED. Every time she tries to live up to her awesome potential, her plans are foiled – by her impossible parents, her annoying little sister, and life in general. But with her first day of high school coming up, Kelsey is positive that things are going to change. Enlisting the help of her three best friends — sweet and quiet Em, theatrical Cass, and wild JoJo — Kelsey gets ready to rebrand herself and make the kind of mark she knows is her destiny.  
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Thoughts:  The summary alone made me think that I would like the book and I really did. Kelsey was a fun heroine and someone that I would have loved to be friends with when I was in high school.  I like the poking fun at the glamorous lifestyle that New York teens supposedly have and that Kelsey obviously does not have. I also really liked that while on paper some of the situations that Kelsey found herself in could be described as ridiculous somehow they did work really well. Among those there were also the all too real situations that girls can get into with boys. You really do have to kiss a few frogs.

This next thing is not a complaint but rather an observation. For me as someone who hasn't been a teenager for well let's just say quite some time it seemed like there was a lot of drinking in the book especially considering that they were all 14. I'm going to fully admit here that I was a goody-two shoes at 14 so I didn't do anything exciting. Oh except dye my hair purplish-pink but that was an accident!  However I do suspect that a lot of teens do drink and it wasn't unrealistic it was just a little surprising.

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