Friday, December 10, 2010

End of Semester

It's almost the end of the semester and of course this means that I have gotten sick. I always get sick in the winter. It turns out though that not paying attention to myself means that I get both a sinus infection and bronchitis. Which was rather unexpected. Not the sinus infection but the bronchitis.

As for the work I have left to do. I have to do the voice-over narration for a video as part of a group project. I have some frustrations with this but since I can't change what happened there I'm just going to go with this opportunity that I've been given to learn a new skill. Of course it turns out that making movies in Windows Movie Maker is really not that hard.

Neither is the other thing that I have to do which is hand-code in HTML. Which I have not done for this blog because Blogger provides templates. So there is no real reason why I should. The templates are nice than what I can hand code. But now I do look at the coding of web pages which probably means I need a new hobby.

Oh I also have a final exam for this class too. Which should be interesting. He is taking the two best grades from our three exams and using them. Technically I have done okay enough so that I don't have to worry about this but the perfectionist in me would like to do better.

On the subject of books I am doing a 50 Book Challenge which in my case actually means 200 books. I have not met that goal yet. I would mutter something about doing reviews of the books but that's not going to happen. I might pick a few of my favorites to talk about.

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